GMS Surgent CPA
Preferred Individual Client Services Group

GMS Surgent CPA's & Advisors prides itself on taking an active interest in providing complete planning services for our individual clients. With over 1,600 individual clients, we understand their unique needs and the services that must be provided. Whether our clients are executives at public companies, run successful family businesses or are approaching or in retirement, we can provide essential services. Our services to high net worth individual and family clients are focused on minimizing the income tax cost of implementing financial strategies and maximizing the transfer of wealth to future generations through estate, gift and trust tax planning. Our professionals have years of experience serving high net worth individuals and are proactive in seeking customized solutions to every engagement.

The following categories are a sampling of some of our Preferred Individual Client Services:

  • Asset-specific analysis and planning
  • Wealth protection and transfer
  • Family Tax Planning
  • Income and Estate Tax Strategies
  • Gift Tax Planning